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Recap/Picspam 4×18 Ho’i Hou (Reunited) #H50 
6th-Apr-2014 08:52 pm
Geck-O-Meter: 7 Geckos

I really enjoyed the fan built aspect of this episode and thought the writers did a clever job working everything in. I'm also happy to have a little bit of the Champ box mystery returning. I think it adds some depth beyond the story of the week.

Chin Ho and Jerry look so nice, all decked out for their reunion! Chin always looks stunning in a suit, actually. Poor Jerry is so nervous, but it’s great that he and Chin went together. I’ve never been to a high school reunion, but I’m guessing this is a typical one. Some people have changed, some haven’t. And some look a lot older than others!

There's a woman trying to pick up Chin, possibly in hopes of collecting her 6th husband! I would say she's smart because Chin would be a good catch, but my guess is that she isn't too choosy.

Jerry enjoys telling about his adventures with Five-0.

Just as they are opening the class time capsule, someone starts screaming and ends up murdered, though. This is Hawaii, after all. As my friend Karen says, when you arrive in Hawaii Five-0 Land, you get a lei and a tac vest.

Ouch! I vow to stop leaving my shoes lying around. Clever way to work the stiletto into the story.

Next stop, Cambodia, where Steve is wearing a lovely green ensemble. However, he needs to check out the “How to tie a scarf fashionably” section in Woman’s Day.

Awww, Steve and Danny have matching backpacks!

They came to Cambodia to find the grave whose location was encoded on the Champ box. Alas, someone else got there first and moved the body. Steve finds some leftover hair, though. A clue! I have no idea who might have been buried there. Do you have a theory?

I think it’s wonderful that Danny went with Steve on this trip. Remember how hurt Danny was when Steve ran off to Japan and just left a note? Steve is letting him in more now. Letting him help. They’re Ohana.

Both Steve and Chin are immortalized in the Kukui High School trophy case. :) Too bad they didn’t have the actor who played young Steve in S2 pose for the picture. :/

After interviewing reunion people, the Five-O team finds that Laura, the woman who suffered the painful death by stiletto, had not RSVP’d, hadn’t kept in touch with anyone, and was distracted and didn’t really talk to anyone. And she withdrew $200,000 from the bank, but she didn’t have it when she died!! So they can’t figure out why she came to the reunion.

Steve gets back from Cambodia and wastes no time jumping into the investigation. Well, he does pause a moment to ask Max to run a DNA analysis on the hair he found. Max promises to keep it Top Secret.

Steve and Chin go to visit Laura’s brother and sister at the vast Richmond Macadamia Nut Estate. I wish I could think of a good macadamia nut joke.

Time to go arrest the struggling magician! And it’s easy to see why he’s struggling. He seems to be the only person who is amazed by his tricks. I loved watching Steve emptying the guys pockets and pulling all that magical stuff out. Commander Cargo Pants probably rushed right out to get one of those amazing cargo jackets! Although he doesn’t need the “magic wand.” *snicker*

Mr. Amazing Magician escapes from the handcuffs, so Steve magically pulls out the zip ties.

The ace of spades that they found on the body had been planted on Laura earlier by Mr. Magician, as part of one of his tricks. He also hid one in Chin’s jacket pocket.
Mr. M.: ‘Cause chicks dig it. This guy knows what I’m talking about, right?
Steve: Don’t do that.
Uh-huh, Steve would have to do card tricks to get my attention, that’s for sure.

Steve confronts the CIA dude about the grave in Cambodia. Surprisingly, he doesn’t want to tell Steve anything, and says it would be the biggest mistake of Steve’s life if he keeps pursuing this. However, he agrees to meet with Steve later. Hmmmm, what could be going on? Does it have something to do with the connection between McMom and Wo Fat? Or will it be a totally new mystery?

Remember the $200,000 Laura took out of the bank? She used it to pay the hospital bill of a local woman, Nina Johnson, who has no apparent connection to her. So Chin and Kono go to talk with the women, but she doesn’t recognize Laura. However, her son Corey disappeared 25 years ago! Coincidence? AND there’s a picture of him with Laura in his bedroom. Ah, the plot thickens!

We’d better go talk to Alan Lim, who was Laura’s boyfriend 25 years ago. Maybe he didn’t like that Corey and Laura were hanging out together? Or maybe he doesn't like macadamia nuts?  But there’s a problem—Alan has been assaulted in his home and is on his way to the emergency room. Coincidence? Chin is especially good at stating the obvious this episode, as he points out that Alan and Laura were both at the reunion. Thanks for that, Chin.

Let’s rewind for a minute. Danny is wearing orange polka-dot socks!

A panicked Max calls to tell Steve that that sample he sent to the lab has disappeared! Luckily, Steve gave only part of it to him. Clever, clever, clever!
Steve: If you want to beat these guys, you’ve got to play by their rules.
Danny: I like it. I like it! There’s the guy I know and love.

We quickly learn that Alan and Laura alibied each other for the night Corey disappeared. Catherine calls to relay that she’s found out that Laura had been inquiring about getting 25-year-old film developed.

Chin suddenly figures out why Laura was at the reunion! To get the 25-year-old film out of the time capsule! Corey had hidden it inside a toy rocket. :)

Jerry gets a chance to help out the team by developing the film for them. He doesn’t trust digital. And what do they find? Laura’s brother Bradley was there the night Corey disappeared!

Inside the maze at the Richmond Macadamia Nut Estate, Bradley has been busy digging up Corey’s body! Now he’s somewhere in the maze, and the team needs to find him. Call Kamekona and his eye-in-the-sky chopper!

After Kamekona figures out that he can’t just tell Steve the guy is running “straight ahead,” we have a tension-filled chase through the maze which ultimately ends with Steve whomping Bradley in the throat.

On to Alan’s hospital room, where Bradley and Alan yell at each other and explain that they were just going to rough Corey up a little, but he fell and hit his head on rock and died. So they buried him and swore they would never tell.

That poor mother, who didn’t know what had happened to her son!

Everyone gathers at Kamekona’s to eat lots of food and look through Jerry’s yearbook. I bet they had fun staging these “old” pictures for the book.

Jerry has been sad throughout the investigation because he liked Laura; she was nice to him, even though she was one of the cool kids.

Steve leaves the get-together to keep his appointment with the CIA dude (who I have just discovered is named Sam Conners!). He apparently has to drive all the way to California for the meeting, though, because it is full dark by the time he arrives. But guess what? All he finds is an empty office with an active phone that rings while he’s there.

Caller: You need to walk away.
Steve: Who is this? Where’s Sam?
Caller: Agent Conners doesn’t exist. The casket in Cambodia doesn’t exist.
Steve: You think making an agent disappear and cleaning up that mess in that field is going to stop me?
Caller hangs up.

7th-Apr-2014 03:31 am (UTC)
excellent review as usualy. I give you review a 10 and the episode a 6.
7th-Apr-2014 04:31 pm (UTC)
Thank you!!! That's so nice!
7th-Apr-2014 09:01 am (UTC)
I always love reading your recaps!

I liked this episode - didn't love it but I liked it. I couldn't remember the things that we voted on though! Was the maze setting the result of a vote?

Really looking forward to next weeks!
7th-Apr-2014 04:34 pm (UTC)
Aww, thanks so much! I liked the story, but there wasn't much "extra" stuff like carguments or anything. Yes, I do remember that the maze was one of the things we voted on. Someone asked me what wardrobe I voted for, and I couldn't remember that. I think I read somewhere that the maze is actually on the Dole Plantation on Oahu.

Thank you so much for reading!!!
7th-Apr-2014 06:10 pm (UTC)
The maze was oddly specific so I thought it must have been one of the vote results. I can't remember what wardrobe I voted for either.

Thank you for posting!
7th-Apr-2014 03:34 pm (UTC)
Great recap! I really enjoyed this episode.

"Too bad they didn’t have the actor who played young Steve in S2 pose for the picture." - I believe that's a picture of Alex's son Saxon posing as quarterback Steve. They used the same pic in another episode.
7th-Apr-2014 04:36 pm (UTC)
I do remember hearing that, now that you mention it! I saw a picture of him and Saxon, and his son looks a lot like him!
8th-Apr-2014 02:02 am (UTC)
The Savannah Guthrie episode.
8th-Apr-2014 03:24 pm (UTC)
Oh, yeah, when they showed Steve growing up in Hawaii.
8th-Apr-2014 02:07 am (UTC)
Great review! I love the matching backpacks in Cambodia! And the green scarf and polka dot socks too! I also loved the scene where they have to empty the magicians pockets. The scarves the go on and on-totally ridiculous. But didn't you wonder how Danny was hit hard by a shovel, but he gets right up and is uninjured?
8th-Apr-2014 03:22 pm (UTC)
Steve pulling out the rope and saying, really? I did that trick in 4th grade!

I was so scared when my Danny got hit! I wondered, too, how he recovered so fast when he got hit twice, but I guess it's just because he's so tough? He got hit on the hand and the back or shoulder. He didn't seem to get very muddy, either.
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