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Hawaii Five-0 Ohana Happy Hour
A Place for Humor, Beauty, Fun, and Sharing
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30th-Aug-2012 11:15 pm - [sticky post] Welcome
Beer Steve

Welcome to the Ohana Happy Hour Community
A casual place to share and interact
All fans of the reboot of Hawaii Five-0 are welcome

Any member is welcome to post at any time
A few rules can be found Here -- But they're just standard

A few things we have planned
Entertaining posts weekly
Recaps of New Episodes, Trivia, Quotes, Picspams, H50: The Real Story, Surprises
Monday Magic
You are invited to post pictures, artwork, comment fics, recs, flailing, fangirling, or whatever, all centered around a theme for the day
Suggestions for other scheduled activities? Post or comment here or PMrocsfan

Prime Directive
Be respectful. Be Polite. Be Nice. Live long and perspire.

Aloha, my lovelies! Did you enjoy this week's H50? I did, even though my Danny was missing. But he was off taking care of his son, and I can understand that. I found this to be a good story with lots of team involvement, some nice Ohana moments, and a great guest star. I give this episode 7 geckos on the Geck-O-Meter:

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Aloha! What did you think of our show this week? I say "Wow!" Lots of beautiful scenery, interesting case, and quite a surprise at the end! I think I'll go with 7 geckos this week. I don't seem to feel very lighthearted this week, but I hope you enjoy the recap anyway.

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Ahoy, my pretties, and welcome to season 6! Our Ohana is back!

I give this first episode 6 geckos. Maybe I've been spoiled by super-action-packed and bigger-than-life premier episodes before now, because this one just seemed a little flat. Lots of standing around and talking. But it's still my H50 and there's still lots to love! Some great lines, Kono being kick-ass Kono, nice smiles, men in tuxes, and a scary cliffhanger. And Pirates!!! Pirates! Pirates!!! Not zombies, but perhaps a Tongan or two.

(Editor's note: I had some technical problems this week, so some of the screencaps aren't quite the quality I would have liked, but they'll do. All fixed now, so next week should be better! And BTW, you are welcome to share these other places if you want.  If you want a larger size, like for computer wallpaper, or a specific scene, just ask.)
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24th-Sep-2015 08:44 pm - Sneak Peak: Woman's Day in Season 6?
What's this? According to one of the promo pics for season 3, it looks like Steve might be still be reading Woman's Day in season 6! He's such a die-hard fan!

Thanks to CBS Press Express for the peak!
Danny Close-up
Aloha! It’s been a long time! I have graduated with my master’s degree and am slowly digging out from under all the stress and stuff that I haven’t done for the last several months. And that means I want to get back to the blog!

I thought I’d start at the end and write a post about the season finale. This episode contained so much! Shirtless, wet Steve. Our pretty team all dressed up in their fine clothes. A cargument and a heligument. A nuclear explosion. A bride who fights crime on her wedding day (I would opt for a pedicure, myself). And further confirmation that Waikiki is one of the most dangerous spots on Earth.

I give this episode 8 geckos.

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13th-Apr-2015 07:56 pmMust Be Random
Hawaii Dreaming
Gecko-O-Meter: 7 Geckos (I debated between 6 and 7, really)

We open with lots-o-flashbacks to a variety of episodes. Interesting! Is this one going to extend all of these stories?
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5th-Apr-2015 08:15 pm - Woman's Day
Oh, no, the spinach frittata is back!

Just in case you forgot about the previous Legend of the Spinach Frittata...

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26th-Mar-2015 10:08 am - Recap/Picspam 2x15 Mai Ka Wa Kahinko
Surprise!!! This is an old recap/picspam from way back when I started writing these. I was writing for someone else's blog, so I had to follow her rules, but I think they are still fun. :)

I decided to re-post some of these old ones in honor of my good friend Alice, who has recently become a big fan of Hawaii Five-0 thanks to Netflix!! *Everybody wave "hello" to Alice!* She is especially fond of shirtless Steve. See, she has good taste! I'm starting with this episode because she just watched it.

Dear Golden Globes and Emmy Awards,
Scott Caan. Scott Caan. Scott Caan. Now!
Sincerely, Anna
PS: Throw in an Oscar and a Tony, because he deserves ALL the awards. Thank you.

Before we get to the amazing Scott acting moments, we need to revisit the first part of the episode.

Just looking at that outdoor staircase made me tired and hot. 1048 steps! Just looking at Steve and those arms and legs made me hot and tired. Let’s see, which should I choose?

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