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Recap/Picspam: 3x17 Pa’ani (The Game) #H50

Geck-O-Meter: 6 Geckos out of 10 (extra point for Peyton Manning)

Danny loves Peyton Manning! I am a Broncos fan who lives in (a suburb of) Denver. Ergo, Danny and I belong together! What more can I say? (simplyn2deep
already complemented me on my clever use of “ergo.”)

(Did all of you non-US and/or non-fans of football américain figure out that Manning is quarterback for the Denver Broncos? More importantly, do you care? And are you surprised that I brought this up, knowing that I am a DannyGirl? Would you like me to get to the episode recap now?)

We open with some faux-special forces people playing über-paintball. (Yes, I just mixed both French and German into my English sentence. I am awesome.) Someone important named Scott turns up dead. There was a real gun hiding amongst all of these fake guns!

 photo game_001_zps09990195.png

Our first sighting of Steve and Danny (the real point of this episode) is at Kamekona’s, where they are buying tickets on the 50-yard line for the Pro Bowl! I cannot imagine how much those must have cost! But Danny wants to be close to Peyton Manning. (Good thing Steve has his wallet with hundreds of dollars in it.) The surcharge is that Kamekona is going to join them.

 photo game_002_zps9490e4c7.png

Off to the crime scene. Steve suggests that this tactical simulation game would a good team-building exercise, which makes sense, but Danny doesn’t like the idea.

Danny: “I do not need you hunting me for sport.”
Steve: “Your right, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge.”

 photo game_003_zpsa4674b47.png

At the crime scene, Steve, Kono, and Danny do all the usual investigative stuff.

 photo game_004_zpsfc7db0b8.png

Kono discovers that there were 12 people playing the game, even though there should have been only 11 (get the football reference? 11 players?). The 12th player isn’t photogenic, though, so they don’t know much yet.

 photo game_005_zpsc50bf6af.png

Duke is there!! It would be so great if he was okay after getting shot last week, but in reality I think they are showing these episodes out of order. (I thought they were finished with that, but I doubt that Duke is like Steve, the Man of Teflon, who is able to bounce back from anything with virtually no recovery time.)

 photo game_006_zpsb72a4fb4.png

Suspect number 1 didn’t show up for the team-building game and booked an early flight out of town. Suspicious! He needs to be interrogated.

 photo game_007_zps697c103b.png

Why did Steve and Danny change clothes?

 photo game_008_zpseb4316d8.png

While Steve and Danny discuss their wardrobe choices with Neil Redding, the boss of both the murder victim and suspect number 1, Kono pays a visit to Max. Max tests Kono’s pharmacology knowledge by telling her that the victim, Scott, had flutoprazepam in his system. If anyone is interested, I would venture that, based on the name, this drug would be related to Valium and Xanax. Danny and Steve probably knew that, or at least they would pretend so in front of each other.

 photo game_009_zpsf69f3427.png

Having received an unfavorable review of their new clothes from Neil Redding, Steve and Danny change back into the clothes they were originally wearing for the day and head off to a tiki bar. On a case. It’s a bar case.

 photo game_010_zpsc5c64221.png

But before they can zoom off in Cammy the Camaro, Catherine drives up. Apparently Neil Redding called her and suggested she give the boys some fashion advice, because she models her Dallas Cowboys jersey for them. Too bad they are fans of the Jets and the Redskins.

 photo game_011_zps6e4c009e.png

 photo game_011a_zpsc572489b.png

Cath also happens to have 2 tickets to the Pro Bowl, and she wants to take Steve!

 photo game_011b_zps62bd6c5a.png

Too bad he’s already going with Danny. Danny is very sad for Cath.

 photo game_11c_zps86b12567.png

Their final exchange before S & D head off is destined to become an all-time classic!!!!! Yes!!! Embroider this on a pillow so you will be able to tell your grandchildren about it!

Steve: “Hey, why don’t we do some tailgating before the game together? You and me?”
Cath: “I would love that, but I don’t want to get in the way of your man-date with Danny.”
Steve: “It’s not a man-date. Besides, Kamekona already invited himself, so you’re not getting in the way.”
Cath: “That’s a three-way bromance. Cute. Very, very cute. I like it.”
Call it like you see it, Cath!!

 photo game_012_zpsce308b6b.png
 photo game_013_zps4ce659f3.png

“But each time that I do just the thought of you makes me stop before I begin, 'cause I've got you under my skin.” I love Cole Porter songs! I am hooked by this lounge singer, Nicky! I looked him up to see if he’s a real performer, and I found out that this actor was a regular on Magnum PI. I’m sure that was not an accident!

 photo game_014_zpsaa36c5f1.png

Steve’s Dad was a regular patron of this tiki bar, and Nicky is happy to see “little Stevie McGarrett.” He’s also happy to meet someone from Jersey so he can tell his Frank Sinatra story again. I thought this was an endearing little scene, myself. Nicky filled in for Frank Sinatra’s opening act one time, and he’s been singing ever since. Sweet!

 photo game_015_zpsb6b83715.png

Nicky also packs a good punch, as shown by the way he decks his own bouncer when the guy tries to run off before S & D can question him. I’m not sure why he ran, but it could have something to do with the way Steve, the big guy with the badge and the gun, kept turning around and looking at him suspiciously.

 photo game_016_zps1876e315.png

It seems that Scott was targeted by a known grifter, Holly, who is probably the one who gave him the sedative. Kono finds out that Holly got into a big argument (not a cargument) with someone at the Marriott hotel, and she was rescued by none other than Arian Foster of the Houston Texans. Kono thinks he is hot! Kono has good taste. The boys need to talk to him! Not because he’s hot, but because he might know something about Holly and her mysterious friend.

 photo game_017_zpsf8660ca2.png
 photo game_018_zpsf9e344e9.png

They decide that Neil Redding didn’t know much about fashion, so Steve changes back into the clothes that he had changed into earlier but then abandoned. In case you haven’t been keeping track (because not everyone is as style conscious as Our Boys are), they’ve decided on a lovely green polo shirt with black cargo pants for Steve, while Danny continues to wear the charming blue-and-white striped dress shirt and dark gray pants ensemble. He has yet to return to the solid blue shirt he wore for Neil. As far as I know, Chin Ho is still wearing the ugly blue-and-white floral shirt.

 photo game_019_zps137d5a9f.png
 photo game_021_zpsaa461e76.png

You would think that all of this dressing and undressing would provide us with at least one picture of Steve without a shirt and/or pants, but NO! Not one freakin’ picture! Fine, I will just add my own.

 photo game_022_zps179b7410.png

I think Steve is fond of Danny’s wardrobe choice, but not of his behavior.
Steve: “Would you stop stalking Peyton Manning?”

 photo game_020_zps298db932.png

Dear Danny, If you come to Denver, I will personally assist you in stalking Peyton Manning. I have been to Mile High Stadium. I also have extensive experience with stalking. After all, you have never spotted me, have you?

 photo dannysilliness_zps734967aa.png

Arian Foster provides them with the ring he was wearing when he punched Holly’s friend, and they can have Charlie get DNA from it! Very clever!

 photo game_023_zps56b4a1f3.png

Kono and Steve interrogate Holly’s friend while Danny runs off to change into his solid blue shirt. Then he and Steve go to Holly’s house. Seems she stole data from Scott’s laptop but didn’t pass it along to her friend like she was supposed to. She’s going to sell it to someone else and get paid twice! Then she will be able to afford tickets to the Pro Bowl.

 photo game_024_zpsdef21bdd.png

Chin and Kono made terrific fashion choices, too, in case you were wondering.

 photo game_025_zps8c1253bd.png

Steve and Danny chase down the murder—Neil Redding!!!!—and their pursuit includes an impressive run up some escalators and a leap by Steve from the down to the up escalator. Leave it to Steve to run up the down one. (Hey, I didn’t want to say anything about Steve going up and down, but my friend Amber insisted. I don’t know what she’s thinking.)

 photo game_026_zps7cbab9a1.png
 photo game_027_zps95e14057.png

Sadly, Steve dislocates his shoulder. I thought it was so sweet that Danny went to the hospital with him! People don’t do that in real life, and this is why I escape into my happy world of H50. (I was quite lonely at the hospital after my car accident.)

 photo game_028_zps3585506f.png

Somewhere along the line it became Sunday, and the Pro Bowl is starting. Too bad Steve is busy at the hospital getting his shoulder fixed, with his shirt on.

 photo game_029_zpsfc8043ee.png

Everyone is at the game, enjoying themselves!

 photo game2_002_zps02fb4b29.png
 photo game2_001_zps53cd0474.png

Danny watches the game on TV and discovers that Cath’s tickets were on the sidelines with the players!!! She and Kono seem to be having a good time!

 photo game_031_zps879fcf24.png
 photo game_030_zps42e8f6e9.png

As a consolation prize, the boys get to visit the stadium after the game and walk out on the field.

 photo game_032_zps2bb87e6a.png

Cath got to meet Peyton Manning and is on a first-name basis with him now! He autographed a football for poor Danny, although he couldn’t stay to give it to him in person. He even wrote it to “Danno”!

 photo game_033_zpsee59d0f5.png

Steve wants to throw the ball, so Danny’s goes running to catch it. Yes, Steve throws a roughly 40-yard pass just after having his dislocated shoulder reset!! That’s our guy! He threw a pretty good pass, too!!

 photo game_034_zps21df7955.png
 photo game_035_zpsf5c38007.png

I loved this scene! Watching Danny run down the field and post his autographed ball! Pure joy!

 photo 175_zpsb57acec0.png

Steve: “If his legs could move as fast as his mouth, he could play in the NFL.”

 photo gameextra_zps70537801.png
 photo 180_zps36984fd7.png
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